Monday, July 19, 2010

3 Friends, 3 Albums...Why you should be listening!

I have very talented friends! Today I wanted to give a shout out to 3 guys I love and the music they play! I encourage you to check out these 3 artists and go see them when they are in your area!

1. Kyle Cruz-How to Fly

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Genre: singer/songwriter

You will love Kyle if you like: John Mayer, Brian McKnight, Stevie Wonder

How to Fly: This album was a labor of love. And man was it worth the wait. After recording and writing for two years Kyle has put together a debut album that most artists would only dream of. From the first song 'Mexico' to the heartbreaking 'Hot Chocolate' Kyle impresses with awesome guitar melodies and even smoother vocals. Keep this guy on your radar!

BDB's Favorite: I'm not Ready
Radio Worthy: Shake It

2. Brain Milson-Saltwater Cowboy

Hometown: Odessa, TX

Genre: Traditional Honky Tonk Country

You will Love Brian if you like:  Kevin Fowler, Hank Williams, George Strait

Saltwater Cowboy-Brain is true country. While you might hear him cover a few Top 40 songs (or maybe some Prince) but his traditional sound is a welcome escape from what is on country radio currently. The current single on country radio is called Saltwater Cowboy. A great summer song. Brian's debut album called 'Walking a Thin Line' featured 9 of 10 songs that Brian wrote himself. If you are into Willie, Waylon and not miss Brian Milson. Check his tour schedule with dates in Austin and Fort Worth soon.

BDB's Favorite: Outlaw's Prayer
Radio Worthy: Saltwater Cowboy, Come Undone

Also Available on Itunes

3. Keegan McInroe-From the Wall & In the City

Hometown: Lubbock, TX

Genre: Americana, Blues, Roots

You will love Keegan if you like: Bob Dylan,Tom Waits

From the Wall & In the City: This is Keegan's second album as a solo artist. He started a band called Catfish Whiskey that put out one album and then he went solo with Mozelle. While the lyrics in the current album might be a little to political for some I prefer to listen to the music and get my groove on. Keegan recruited a cast of musicians from Fort Worth and the Metroplex to put together this rocking, play it loud journey.

BDB's Favorite: Dogs
Radio Worthy: Genesis Six Blues

All 3 are a little different but all are super talented sonwriters and performers. I hope you will check them out and spread the word about these guys!!

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