Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh Hey Dallas....

So here are a few things I feel like make Dallas AWESOME. I only wish I did these things more OFTEN!!

1.) DEEP ELLUM - What a cool area that I feel like gets a bad rap because its a little rough. But there are cool bars and REALLY good restautants down there.

La Grange-this bar dubs it's self "Swanky-Tonk". Sounds like my kind of place! ALSO, they serve ADULT snowcones. AWESOME.

Twisted Root: Damn good food. Burgers, fried EVERYTHING,etc. Love it.

2.) TACO STANDS-Wow I love tacos...especially if they are on fresh corn tortillas! and I am not the only one...Check out the Observers Blog and Story about the DART line to Tacos.

I think that's all that needs to be said. YUM!

3.) Dallas Farmers Market- I went to the Farmers market last week for the first time. WOW! Its amazing and awesome. Did you know there is a little mexican food joint that smelled DIVINE! Also, I got fresh peaches and grapes from east texas for $7. They were amazing. I heard a rumor that they are closing the Farmers Market. I hope that isn't true because I have a lot more buying to do. The colors and the FRESH fruits and Veggies are well worth the trip!!

4.) Drive In Movie-Ok so the Drive-In Theater is in Ennis. But its really not that far from Dallas. 35 miles down I-45 awaits Galaxy Drive-In. 4 Screens showing DOUBLE FEATURES 7 days a week. $6 dollars gets you in for two movies. Let's load up and head down there.

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  1. Sign me up for the Farmer's Market and the Drive-In!!